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Who Owns Our Water? Part I

Bill McCann   In a rural New Hampshire community, citizens have tried for years to raise appropriate issues about the impact a large-scale designer bottled water plant could have on their water supply.

USA Springs plans to drill down to the bedrock aquifer that underlies the region and to draw out over 300,000 gallons of water a day, bottle it, and ship it off to Italy. 

Who Owns Our Water? Part II

Patricia Newhall Landowner abutting the USA Springs property

The struggle by local residents to raise issues to protect their waters finds itself battling some unusual rulings, which include decisions by regulatory and judicial authorities as to whether or not they even have the right to defend their waters.


World Water Day

New Map of Human Impact on the Oceans

State of the Oceans Report and more.

E.O.Wilson "The Encyclopedia of Life"

The American Miracle

Jane Goodall / Emil Pena

The Changing Face 

of Faith on Earth

Al Gore Finally Wins the Big One!

The San Francisco Oil Spill

Dave Foreman

"The Angry West"

Newest Reports on the Arctic Ice Sheet.

Things aren't as they were thought to be.

They may be much worse!

All you need to know about

Carbon Cap-and-Trade

Investing in A Better World

What's Going on With the Weather? 

Think Nationally

Act Rationally

The New Eco-Terrorists

Where Have All the Honeybees Gone?


Carbon Caps and Climate Change

What's it all mean?


Local is the New Organic

Brita Belli Managing Editor E-Magazine

Turning to your local community farmers can satisfy your desire for great healthy foods, and help reinstate a vigorous farm system across the nation. April 19, 2007

Carbon Credits. Will They Work?

Interior Department re-opening oil and gas leases after 20 years in Utah. Camels on rampage for water in Australia. Bush administration bans reference to climate change and polar bears by traveling officials

World Bank speaks out about injustice to developing nations in wake of threats from global warming

Lots of money to be made in brokering Carbon Credits. Will it however, affect on greenhouse gasses?

"The Human Population Explosion and Biodiversity"

Dave Foreman - Rewilding Institute

"Around the Campfire" ~ Issue Four~

Dave Foreman, the "Godfather" of EcoAction shares his thoughts on the shortcomings of the some of the solutions being proposed to deal with overpopulation by allies in the conservation and environmental communities. Dave has some direct advice and a few warnings.

Let's talk about 2008

Sidney Wildesmith

Host: Wild Side News

To Bee or Not To Bee

Where have all the honey bees gone?

Troy Fore Executive Director

American Beekeeping Federation 

Wake Up Calls from Endangered Species

Jeff Miller Center for Biological Diversity

With increasing evidence that literally thousands of animal species seem destined for extinction, where can you go to learn about the challenges and the opportunities? What can you do?

 Segment 1

 Segment 2

  Segment 3

We Can Change the World: 

Lester Brown, Director of the Earth Policy Institute, has a plan that can change the world. It's called "Plan B 2.0."

We talk with Janet Larsen Director of Research Earth Policy Institute about the significance of this dramatic strategy to face our future.

Sundance Channel Green. Laura Michalchyshyn, Executive VP, Programming and Marketing. The Sundance Channel. 

It's coming in early 2007, a regular primetime block of programming about our earth, sustainability, and nature with direction from one of Earth's preeminent friends, Robert Redford. 

Get the scoop on this great mainstream media advance. 

Robert Kennedy, Jr. provides a most compelling talk about nature, people and power. His talk is 38 minutes long, and packed with great wisdom. 

Dr. Andrew Blaustein, Department of Zoology / Oregon State University. As a whole class of animals, amphibians are facing a very uncertain future.  Dr. Blaustein provides an overview. 

Dr. Robin Moore, Amphibian Specialist Group (ASG). Working around the world, scientists, leaders and people are uniting to help save amphibians from extinction.

Greenland may be green sooner than you think. Dr. H. Jay Zwally

Senior Research Scientist  Goddard Space Flight Center

discusses his years of work monitoring the changes occurring on Greenland's icecap. Recent reports make it clear that Greenland's icecap is melting twice as fast as it was a mere 4 years ago.

Dr Zwally continues and discusses changes expected in the years ahead, and what, if anything, we can do to stem the tides of change.
Al Gore encourages "we the people" to put back in order the balance of power so carefully and wisely crafted to preserve, through times much more difficult than those we face now, the great light of a truly democratic society.  

  "Campaign for America's Future" conference. We hear from actor and activist Robert Redford about his commitment and vision of hope for our future, and Leo Gerard, President of the United Steel Workers Union, about the union's long-standing commitment to doing the right thing, for themselves, for their communities, for the earth and the future.

Adam Shapiro, Co-Producer of "Darfur Diaries," discusses the legacy of Darfur, and what brought him to the point of traveling to Darfur with Aisha Bain and Jen Marlowe, who became the co-producers of "Darfur Diaries."      (hour-long show in 3 parts)

Katrina update. Daryl Malek-Wiley, Sierra Club . . . Reporting from New Orleans. Daryl Malek-Wiley has been with the Sierra Club for years, working from the New Orleans and Baton Rouge offices. Daryl gave us a field report within days of the Katrina disaster, focusing on the flooding, the contamination and the outlook at that time. He returned, after months away, to check out what was happening in his neighborhood. Since he's been back, he has focused his expertise on two neighborhoods dramatically impacted by the storm. 

Moving Back Home? Dr. Gina Solomon, Sr. Scientist / NRDC. Following extensive scientific studies on the environmental conditions that people face when considering moving back into their homes and neighborhoods, Dr. Solomon discusses the toxins in the surface sediments and the existence of serious levels of mold in homes that will need to be either torn down or rebuilt. Is it safe? Find out from the experts.

Environmental Protection Agency? 

John Walke, Clean Air Director. NRDC (Natural Resources Defense Council.) What's happening at the EPA these days seems to be just business as usual, as secret agendas give away the long-fought for policies that were created to protect us.  What does EPA stand for these days?

Fossil Fools Day. Billy Parrish, Say what you will about whether Americans are beginning to wake up about the need to change our ways, campuses are a world of their own, and it's a promising sense of awareness that is uniting their actions around the country. 

Surfrider Foundation. Jim Moriarty, Executive Director.  We talk with Jim Moriarty about Surfrider, and the waves and beaches he plans to serve.

Jack Sterne: believes that a very important key to the future of our oceans is helping to identify and support "Ocean Champions."

Top 10 Endangered Rivers.  Melissa Samet, Senior Director of Water Resources. Ameican

Being Caribou Karsten Heuer and his wife Leanne set off on a 5-month, 1000-mile journey to walk in the footprints of the Porcupine Caribou herd, from Canada to the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge and back.     Available as PodCast

Presidio School of Management. 

Dr. Ron Nahser, Provost. ts' a whole new world. With the hottest topic on planet earth being its future, it's critical to have the skills to create the strategies, businesses and foundations that will lay the groundwork for the future. Having an MBA in Sustainability offers unlimited possibilities.  

Environmental Protection Agency? 

John Walke, Clean Air Director. NRDC (Natural Resources Defense Council.) What's happening at the EPA these days seems to be just business as usual, as secret agendas give away the long-fought for policies that were created to protect us.  What does EPA stand for these days?

The Farley Mowat Takes Direct Action with Captain Paul Watson of the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society
Something's Coming: Host Sidney Wildesmith discusses the changes that America is being forced to make, and the opportunities and responsibilities this creates following Katrina.
A Call to ACTION: Blake Olson, Rainforest Action Network talks about the "GREEN RIBBON CAMPAIGN" to save America's old growth forests. 
Congressman  Richard Pombo National Energy Bill:  Jeff Rickert of the Apollo Alliance 
A State of the World Report: Host Sidney Wildesmith 

The National Petroleum Reserve - Alaska with John Schoen: Senior Scientist: Alaska Audubon

The Evolution of our Future: with Elisabet Sahtouris (in 3 parts) 
An Open Letter to President Bush: Host Sidney Wildesmith invites the President to take a lead. Time is running out.
Living the Solar Life: Rob Wilder of the Wilderhill Index talks about living in his solar home. 
Investing in CleanTech /Part1: San Jose, CA
Investing in CleanTech /Part2: San Jose, CA
Re-Energize America: Vice Admiral Dennis McGinn
Confessions of an Economic Hitman / Part1: John Perkins
Confessions of an Economic Hitman / Part2: John Perkins
FLORESTA: with Scott Sabin, Executive Director and Joy Berry, Director of Development
The Apollo Alliance: Bracken Hendricks and leaders from unions, American Indian Dribes, high tech firms, inner-city youth organizations talk about Appollo's significance
Rare & Pride Campaigns: Paul Butler, Meghan Hill, Morne Farmer

"Is Environmentalism Dead?

 9 environmental leaders weigh in.

Pyron Solar: Inge and John Laing

"What Can I Do?": Lisa Harrow
Lessons from Copernicus: Lisa Harrow and Roger Payne
Environmentalism in the New  Conservative America (3 parts) Sidney Wildesmith

"State of the Oceans Report": Dr. Charles Kennel:  Director: Scripps Institution of Oceanography

Fedex/Kinkos: Sustainable Futures: Larry Rogero
Investing in Our World Sidney Wildesmith
The Decade of Discovery Sidney Wildesmith
Terry Tempest Williams: "The Open Space of Democracy" 
Dr. Paul Ehrlich: "One With Nineveh" Part 1
Dr. Paul Ehrlich: "One With Nineveh" Part 2
New American Dream  Diane Wood: Executive Director
Jane Goodall: Address to Children of the World
Oceana Ted Danson
Victory on Montana's Front Range Gloria Flora

International Children's Conference on the Environment

Kids from around the world: Advice to all!
Hydrogen Cars NOW!
Bank of America / RAN (Rainforest Action Network)
Denis Hayes: The hope of the future
 Earth Day 2004
Chip Ward: "Hopes Horizon"
Forest Stewardship Council (FSC)
Doug Scott on Wilderness
2004 Wilderness Conference/Seattle
Wildlife University...Online
Koalas: San Diego Zoo
MountainVisions - Virtual Hiking
NatureMaker: The Man who sculpts Trees 
Sustainable World Conference
Canine Companions: Dave Ball and "Hawk"