March 18, 2008 

10 Minute Synch-Up with Spring / World Water Day

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Segment 1

10 Minutes to Synch-Up with Spring

Spring is here! It's a time that literally brings the entire earth into balance. There is no better time to attune yourself with the infinite, or at least our earth. Here are 10 1-minute exercises that will get your there in the most efficient means possible.

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 Segment 2

David Douglas President

The 16th Annual Environmental Film Festival is happening in the nation's capitol. With 155 of the world's best nature and environmental films showing in 46 venues around the city, it is one of the world's greatest events.On Saturday, March 22nd, World Water Day, the topic turns to drinking water. Showcasing 8 water related features, the event will close with a panel discussion with leading water advocates, film-makers and scientists. Today we talk with David Douglas, President of Water about the pressing need to bring solutions to the developing world as it faces the daunting pressures to meet basic drinking water needs.

Environmental Film Festival

March 11 - 22 / Washington, D.C.

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