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 Segment 1

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Laura Michalchyshyn

Executive VP, Programming and Marketing

The Sundance Channel


It's coming in early 2007, a regular primetime block of programming about our earth, sustainability, and nature with direction from one of Earth's preeminent friends, Robert Redford. 

Get the scoop on this great mainstream media advance. 




   Segment 2

Yellowstone Wolves: Update

Doug Smith

Yellowstone Wolf Project Leader

Yellowstone National Park


When we last talked with Doug Smith, the reintroduced packs of wolves in Yellowstone had been hit by a dangerous parvovirus that was setting back over 10 years of dedicated effort. Summer's here, how is the wolf population doing? 

  Segment 3

As the Hot Summer Continues:

Farm Animals 

At High Risk

Paul Shapiro

Director of the Factory Farming Campaign

The record breaking heat continues across the country and around the world and it's not just humans who are feeling the heat! Millions of animals on farms are placed under even more unbearable conditions as the challenges of keeping them alive increase. We are already beginning to hear about the deaths of thousands of farm animals as the hot summer overburdens power systems and overtaxes cooling and ventilation. Hear what the Human Society of the United States is doing to care for the welfare of these animals.