Thursday, May 12th, 2005

Here go our National Forests . . . . Again!

     Following the News, we look at the changes in regulations that have been protecting our National Forests from roads as we talk with Michael Francis (The Wilderness Society) and Mike Leahy (Defenders of Wildlife) about the sudden regulatory changes announced by the Bush administration,  and what such will mean to the future or our nation's forests and wildlife.


Watching the Cleantech Economy

      Then in Segment 2 . . . Today, we talk with Rob Wilder, President of the Wilderhill Index, which tracks clean energy stocks the way the Dow Jones does industrials. 


Living the Solar Life

And in Segment 3:   Rob Wilder lives with a passion for the earth, and is powering his 2,400 square foot home the new fashioned way, by the sun. We see what it's like to live off the sun in the splendors of southern California. 

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 Segment 1

News . . . then . . .

Roads into our Wildest Forest Lands?

Michael Francis

  Forest Policy Director  

and Mike Leahy

discuss the sudden reversal of the ban on new roads on National Forest lands, and the shift of control to  . . . . ???

It's likely not you and me.

    Segment 2

The WilderHill Clean Energy Index (ECO)

The Leader in Tracking Renewable Energy

Rob Wilder: President

Dr. Wilder on CNBC, March 24, 2005, Video
ECO discussed on MarketWatch, Video

   Segment 3

Living the Solar Life

With Rob Wilder

We talk with Rob and his family about living off the sun in sunny southern California.


watch the actual home usage