"Great Things . . . Past, Present & Future" 

      October 7, 2004        

     Part One                     

News . . . then . . . 

A personal love story about a dog named 


by Sidney Wildesmith

I once had a dog named Apache. She came almost as a gift, and left memories that sometimes are hard to explain as a mere mortal. I give tribute to this amazing friend.  

Part Two                          

National Park of the Week     

Ninety-Six National Historic Site

South Carolina

with Eric Williams, Chief of Interpretation

As we approach election 2004, there may be plenty to appreciate when we visit this week's Park of the Week which interprets the earliest colonial "backwoodsers" who planted the seeds that created this nation. We go back to the 1770's and learn just what life was like.

Part Three     

Victory on Montana's Front Range!

with Gloria Flora,

advocate & Executive Director of


In a sudden change of plan, the Department of Interior has halted the proposed natural gas leases on the grand "Front Range" of Montana. . . one of America's most imposing and grand public land complexes. Those who have worked for years to block development are ecstatic. The effects of this new sense of a secure future for the residents of this area are just beginning to be felt. We talk with someone who has led this struggle.