Thursday,  June 8, 2006  

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The Sudan Civil War, which has raged for over twenty years, is now turning into "Darfur."

Darfur is happening on OUR watch. 

When history is written, people will doubtless shake their heads and wonder. . . . 

"Who were these people on planet earth, in 2006, who could let his thing go on?"

Today, we bring you Darfur.


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 Segment 1

News . . .

Adam Shapiro

Co-Producer of 

discusses the legacy of Darfur, and what brought him to the point of traveling to Darfur with 

Aisha Bain and Jen Marlowe, who became the co-producers of "Darfur Diaries."



   Segment 2

Adam Shapiro

 talks about the current state chaos in Darfur.


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"Darfur Diaries" website

Segment 3

Adam Shapiro continues with his analysis of what is driving this inhuman tragedy, and what we may see developing in the months ahead. Is there hope?

Find out.

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