Thursday,  April 13, 2006  

"A Day in the Life . . ."

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 Segment 1


A Special News Report . . . 

 then . . .

Sea Otters

Andy Johnson

Manager: Sea Otter Research


Following 50 years of recovery, the population of Sea Otters along California's coast are showing signs of instability. 


   Segment 2


Dr. Ron Nahser


Its' a whole new world. With the hottest topic on planet earth being its future, it's critical to have the skills to create the strategies, businesses and foundations that will lay the groundwork for the future. Having an MBA in Sustainability offers unlimited possibilities.  



  Segment 3

Nathan Shedroff

Graduate Student


If you want to walk the walk, you have to be able to talk the talk. And knowing the language of sustainability just got a whole lot easier. 

The words we keep hearing:






(just from the "b"s)

What do they really mean?

click here to go to the Dictionary of Sustainability

and you will find out about these, and many more. 

The New Global Warming PSA from the Ad Council, Environmental Defense and Ogilby & Mather


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