November 20, 2007 

The San Francisco Oil Spill


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 Segment 1

Excerpts from the News Conference held this past Saturday, announcing the findings of the U.N.'s

Synthesis Report of the Intergovernmental Panel

 on Climate Change.

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  Segment 2

The San Francisco Oil Spill

Cheryl Surface

Planning Director for Cleanup

Cleanup efforts continue this week in San Francisco Bay and surrounding areas. Such tragedies seem to be increasing, as the effects of climate change and the expanding demands on our natural world increase the dangers from human error.

Cheryl Surface was one of the first responders brought in to help carry out the massive effort needed to contain and clean up the toxic goo that fouled the region.

She discusses the ways in which all of the players must quickly come together during these massive events to protect the lives of all creatures, large and small.


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Kimberly White, Michael Macor (Getty Images)

Eric Risberg (AP)