Thursday,  April 20, 2006  



The Wild Side News Goes Global!

"EarthDay Internationale"


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 Segment 1

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Earth Day 2006

Tina Barnes

Maui, Hawaii

Tina, who volunteers at the Gardens, talks about their EarthDay 2006 celebrations, about the gardens, and some of the challenges that are facing the Island Paradise of Hawaii.

   Segment 2

Top 10 

Endangered Rivers


Melissa Samet

Senior Director of Water Resources


 American Rivers


To learn more about any of these rivers, you can download the information from the links below. 

(All downloads are in PDF format. These can be quite large)

  1. Pajaro River (CA)

  2. Upper Yellowstone River (MT)

  3. Willamette River (OR)

  4. Salmon Trout River (MI)

  5. Shenandoah River (VA, WV)

  6. Boise River (ID)

  7. Caloosahatchee River (FL)

  8. Bristol Bay Watershed (AK)

  9. San Jacinto River (TX)

  10. Verde River (AZ)

  Segment 3


Wild Side News International



Lawrence Myers

International School of Kuala Lumpur

Lawrence talks about what students are doing for EarthDay 2006, and about Malaysia, and its diverse lands. 



Deepak Gaur

Mediavision Infotainment Co.
Gurgaon, India


Deepak has been instrumental in planning an EarthDay 2006 event that is expected to attract thousands. Hear about his hopes for this new celebration in India.



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