Thursday,  January 19, 2006   

Domestic Spying & Caribou?

Last Wednesday, Chad Calvert, the Deputy Assistant Secretary of the Interior, approved changes to allow exploration, leasing and drilling on 100 percent of the National Petroleum Reserve in Alaska. This comes less than one month after Congress banned drilling for oil in ANWR.  With the signing, the Teshekpuk Lake Special Area, one of the most significant caribou and goose nesting grounds, will be subjected to the trauma of the oil industry. With the stroke of a pen, this historically significant area, which has maintained special protections despite its being lodged at the edge of the oil reserve, has been "sold."

                Chad Calvert

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On January 16th, 2006, Martin Luther King Day, Al Gore addressed the nation from Constitution Hall in Washington, DC, regarding President George Bush's secret authorization of  NSA (National Security Agency) eavesdropping on  and wiretapping of US citizens without court approval.


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This is a speech every citizen should hear. 


Vice President Al Gore continues . . . . 


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The Honorable Gale Norton
Secretary of the Interior
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VP Al Gore concludes, and encourages "we the people" to put back in order the balance of power so carefully and wisely crafted to preserve, through times much more difficult than those we face now, the great light of a truly democratic society.

For more information on the National Petroleum Reserve and Teshekpuk Lake listen to Wild Side News show of July 1, 2005. Click here to go to that page.

John Schoen: Senior Scientist the Alaska Audubon