A Love Affair with Life: Lisa Harrow and Roger Payne

Thursday, March 3rd, 2005

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In 1991, at a Greenpeace rally to save the whales,  noted whale biologist Dr. Roger Payne was speaking about whales, something he knew a lot about, as he was a co-discoverer of the wonderous knowledge that humpback whales sing. His album, “Songs of the Humpback Whales”, had changed the way the world thought about these magnificent creatures. Also speaking at the event was the Royal Shakespearean actress, Lisa Harrow, who too, was making an appeal on behalf of the world’s whales. Two stars whose orbits touch. A contact. Ten weeks later they were married. 


Lisa and Roger talk about their ongoing work, Lisa about her new book  “What Can I Do: An Alphabet for Living” created from her passion to give us all the answers we need to make a difference, and Roger about the “Voyage of the Odyssey, his oceanic journey of discovery, now in its fifth and final year, and featured on PBS. And. . .  they perform a piece from “Lessons from Copernicus”.

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Lisa Harrow, actress and author, talks about her life with whale biologist Roger Payne, and her new book which provides resources and answers to the question, "What Can I Do?" 



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Dr. Roger Payne, who helped bring the "songs" of the humpback whales to the world, talks about the 

"Voyage of the Odyssey"

 his 5-year ocean voyage in search of answers to the future of life in the oceans, and beyond, which airs on PBS in conjunction with  OCEAN ALLIANCE 

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"Lessons from Copernicus"


Lisa Harrow and Roger Payne share their love for life and their creative new endeavor to bring focus to the power that beauty, science and art play in celebrating the wonder of life on earth with "Lessons from Copernicus" which they are bringing to the world through live performance. 



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