July 8th  Legends . . . Past and Present  
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     News . . . then . . .  

   Fort Laramie National Historic Site

National Park of the Week    with Tammy Benson: Chief Ranger

This crossroads became a hub of traffic and served as THE place to stop on the long journey West. 

Segment 2   

 Denis Hayes . . . "so now what?"

The legendary national coordinator of the first Earth Day!

Earth Day Network Chair


Denis Hayes is responsible for influencing whole arenas of change on this planet. Denis is President of the Bullitt Foundation. He was national coordinator of the first Earth Day in 1970, and remains the chair of the International Earth Day Network. During the Carter Administration, he served as Director of the National Renewable Energy Laboratory. In 1979, Denis received the national Jefferson Medal for Greatest Public Service by an Individual under 35. Hayes has also received the John Muir Award from the Sierra Club and the highest honors awarded by the National Wildlife Federation, the Humane Society, and the Interfaith Center for Corporate Responsibility. Time magazine selected Hayes as one of its Heroes of the Planet; and the National Audubon Society included him on its list of the 100 Environmental Heroes of the 20th Century. He has been profiled as "Newsmaker of the Week" by ABC News and as "Today's Person in the News" by the New York Times. The Wild Side News is honored to have Denis Hayes sharing his thoughts with our family of listeners.

Segment 3

 "Walden . . . 150 years later"

with Kathi Anderson: Executive Director / The Walden Woods Project

July 12th is Henry David Thoreau's birthday. 2004 is the 150th anniversary of the publication of Walden. Thoreau's influence in America and the world is immeasurable. So, if he were here now, what might he have to say? To find out, we talk with the Executive Director of the Walden Woods Project, which oversees the land and legacy of Henry David Thoreau. Happy Birthday Henry!