Shows about the ANIMALS on our Planet

Learning to Live With Birds

To Bee or Not to Bee / The mystery continues!

Effects of the Navy's mid-frequency sonar on marine mammals.

The Right Whale

For All the Wrong Reasons

Think Nationally

Act Rationally

The Obfus-Gate Affair

I Want to Live!

Quest for the lusive Ivory-Billed Woodpecker 2007 Update

The Emotional Lives of Animals

Where Have All the Honeybees Gone?

The New Person of Interest?

&  Weekly Earth Summit-2

Fighting to Save the Whales 

& Ivory-Billed Update

The Emotional Lives of Animals

with Dr. Marc Bekoff

The Wayward Whales 

Bernadette Fees California Game and Fish Administration

Bernadette has been on site following the fate of Delta and Dawn and brings us the story of the wayward whales whichare  holding the country and the world in hope-filled suspense. May 24, 2007

What happens to wildlife in wildfires?

With the dramatic beginning of this year's wildfire season being flamed by the effects of drought in some areas of the country, wildlife is forced to run for their lives. What happens?

Jeff Edmonds / Minnesota / Fire Information Officer / Incident Management Team

Ronda Sutfin / Florida / Florida Division of Forestry

Sally Gentry / Ranger / Okefenokee National Wildlife Refuge / Georgia    May 17, 2007

Should great apes have protections similar to those afforded people?

Michele Stumpe / President / Great Ape Project-USA

A 26-year-old chimpanzee named Hiasl (pronounced HEE-sul)is bringing this issue directly onto the world stage, as a wide array of advocates for the great apes defend Hiasl's rights to life, liberty and a status commensurate with an animal which shares so many human characteristics.   May 10, 2007

A deadly algae is killing hundreds of birds and mammals along the California coast.  We talk with people who are assisting in the effort to rescue and return the animals to the ocean.

Emily Wing / Pacific Marine Mammal Center

Jay Holcomb /  International Bird Rescue Research Center

Professor David A. Caron / Marine Environmental Biology Group at USC

Salmon People       Parts 1, 2 & 3    April 12, 2007

Charles Hudson Public Affairs Manager

Columbia River Inter-Tribal Fish Commission

Today, we hear the story of the Salmon, from the perspective of the native people who have allied their lives with this powerful animal.

Wake Up Calls from Endangered Species

Jeff Miller Center for Biological Diversity

With increasing evidence that literally thousands of animal species seem destined for extinction, where can you go to learn about the challenges and the opportunities? What can you do?

Ivory-Billed Woodpecker, New Sightings! (?)  Dr. Geoffrey Hill: Ornithologist at Auburn University.  Recent sightings in Florida suggest The Ivory- Billed Woodpecker has "returned"

When Rattlesnakes Bite. Dr. Sean Bush

Staff Emergency Physician / Menlo Park, California. The truth is, we have to be aware of rattle snakes. Here is what you need to know when you see one, and what to do if ever you should be bitten.

Michael Jasny, NRDC. This week, over 400 dolphins were found stranded, dead and dying on the coast of Tanzania. Many are speculating that this may be yet another disaster to the oceans' creatures resulting from the catastrophic sounds of submarine underwater sonar. This is just one of the many sonic assaults on the living ocean, struggling now to survive.

Starlings' Surprising Speech. Dr. Timothy Gentner, Assistant Professor, Psychology Department / University of California San Diego. Dr. Gentner has been studying the ability of the European Starling, one of the world's most accomplished singers and mimics, to understand and create complex patterns of song that indicate the capacity to utilize recursion. What's it mean?

They've got a lot to say, and they know what they're talking about

Dr. Bruce Freedman: Menhaden What kind of world is it that permits a family-owned business to drive a legacy fish species out of existence? It's the story of the Menhaden. 

Being Caribou Karsten Heuer and his wife Leanne set off on a 5-month, 1000-mile journey to walk in the footprints of the Porcupine Caribou herd, from Canada to the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge and back.     Available as PodCast

Sea Otters. Andy Johnson, Manager: Sea Otter Research. Monterey Bay Aquarium. Following 50 years of recovery, the population of Sea Otters along California's coast are showing signs of instability. 

The Great Ape Trust: Dr. Duane Rumbaugh talks about his lifelong research into our closest animal relatives.

Messing with the Endangered Species Act:  Host Sidney Wildesmith on Senator Pombo's attempts to disempower the EIA. 

Monkey Trails - Forest Tales:  Kimberly Livingstone, San Diego Zoo 

The Singing Life of Birds: Donald Kroodsma

Be Friends to your BEST FRIENDS this 4th of July: Dr. Mark Goldstein, San Diego Humane Society

The Ivory-Billed Woodpecker: Dr. John Fitzpatrick (in 2 parts)

Pale Male Nest Restored: Lincolm Karim

Blackie is Dead: Rod Adtkins / San Diego Scuba

Toklat Wolves: Dr. Gordon C. Haber

Oceana Ted Danson

Pale Male Nest Destroyed! Lincoln Karim from the street in NYC. . . LIVE!

Pale Male settlement! David Miller/NY Audubon

Apache. . . A Love Affair   Sidney Wildesmith

Search and Rescue Dogs  Sam Heigh / High Country K9's

Tsunami - 6th sense of animals in disasters.

Dr. David Shepherdson/Oregon Zoo

The Saga of Pale Male, continues.  Frederic Lilien

Yellowstone Wolves, 10 years later:   Doug Smith

"Gender Benders"

with Dr. Ethan Clotfelter

Canine Companions: Dave Ball and "Hawk" 

Frogs:American Museum of Natural History

Koalas: San Diego Zoo

How to Learn Bird Calls: Elliott Lang