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To Bee or Not To Bee. . . The Mystery Continues . . . . !

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 Segment 1

Queerer Than We Can Even Suppose

The Strangeness of Science

Richard Dawkins, ethologist, evolutionary biologist, author and thought-provocateur helps you move your vision into the reality of the unimaginable.

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Segment 2

The Mystery of the Bees . . . continues!

It's been a year since we heard the extraordinary news that honeybee colonies were dying off in great numbers. The role honeybees play in pollinating our foodcrops is often overlooked. But the truth is, it is a critical link in the reliability of our food sources.

But the story seemed to disappear. However, this is the time when beekeepers around the country are checking on their colonies to see how they are doing. So . . . how are they doing?

We find out as we talk with

David Hackenberg

owner of Hackenberg Apiaries

and David Ellingson

of Ellingson, Inc.,

two professionals who bring you their perspectives on year two of CCD (Colony Collapse Disorder)

It's a story we all need to hear. And it's a story we need to pass along.

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