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Victims of Washington's New Obfus-Gate Affair?



We Want to Live!

top row: Hawaiian Picture-Wing Fly / California red-legged frog / White-tailed prairie dog

bottom row: Southwestern willow flycatcher / Arroyo toad / Preble's meadow jumping mouse / Canada Lynx

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Weekly Earth Summit  participants this week include:

  • Dr. Marc Bekoff

    author and renowned ethologist

  • Dr. Robin D. Moore

    Amphibian Specialist Group for Conservation International

  • Dr. Charles Kennel

    Former Director of Scripps Institution of Oceanography / Member of the Pew Commission on the Oceans

To download the "Amphibian Conservation Action Plan"

 click here  www.amphibians.org

The Weekly Earth Summit opens each show.  

In 15 minutes, you will receive your own briefing on the state of the ark as interpreted by some of the pre-eminent scholars, scientists, authors, activists and spokespeople. 


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. . . . then . . . 

Noah Greenwald


Shedding light on Washington's Obfus-Gate Scandal

The US Department of Interior was rocked with scandal following the revelation that Julie MacDonald, Assistant Secretary of the Interior, and director of the Endangered Species Program, had been rewriting regulations, arbitrarily deciding which species to list, perhaps made decisions that could protect the value of her personal property, and perhaps most insidious of all, set back the efforts of generations of Americans who established the Endangered Species Act to proactively address the challenges facing hundreds of endangered species.


We hear from Noah Greenwald who has had a dog in this fight for a long time.