Thursday,  February 15, 2007  

The Passionate Warriors

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 Segment 1


The battle to save the whales

brings you up-to-date on Captain Watson and Sea Shepherd's efforts to save hundreds of whales from slaughter for Japanese "research."

. . . . then . . .an update. . . 

The Ivory-Billed Woodpecker


Dr.Geoffrey Hill

Auburn University


Dr. Hill is leading a team of researchers and field workers into the depths of the Choctawhatchee River swamp lands in Florida to capture definitive proof about the existence of the "extinct" ivory-billed woodpecker. 

Dr. Hill is gearing up his field teams with sophisticated technology and strategies to zero in on capturing and proving a sighting.


 Segment 2

Ivory-Billed Update

  Dr. Hill continues as he reveals his most recent findings of double-taps, kent calls and sightings and what will happen if and when he and his team succeed in their mission.


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   Segment 3

Wildbranch Writing Workshop

David Brown Director

Wildbranch Nature Writing Workshop



30 participants will team up with a talented staff of instructors and visiting instructors for a week-long foray into the craft of nature writing. We talk with David Brown who has directed this intensive in Vermont for the past 20 years.


website for the workshop