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Carbon Caps and Climate Change

What's it all mean?

Carbon Credits. Will They Work?

Greenland may be green sooner than you think. Dr. H. Jay Zwally

Senior Research Scientist  Goddard Space Flight Center

discusses his years of work monitoring the changes occurring on Greenland's icecap. Recent reports make it clear that Greenland's icecap is melting twice as fast as it was a mere 4 years ago.

Dr Zwally continues and discusses changes expected in the years ahead, and what, if anything, we can do to stem the tides of change.

Dr. Mark Serreze, Senior Research Scientist.

What has Dr. Serreze learned about global warming after spending years researching the Arctic, sea ice and climate? What will be the consequences of Greenland’s melting at twice the anticipated speed? Can we turn this back?  

Dr. William B. Curry, Senior Scientist. After the worst hurricane season on record, it's perhaps just the beginning of many other surprises ahead as a result of climate change brought on by the build-up of CO2. What other affects can we expect as the oceans continue to warm?  

Dr. Lonnie Thompson, Senior Research Scientist. Dr. Thompson has spent more time on glaciers above 18,000 feet of altitude than any other human, taking core samples from thousands of years of glacial activity. Conclusion. The glaciers are disappearing. The effects will be felt for generations.  

The World Bank & Global Warming

Dr. Robert Watson, Chief Scientist.