July 8 , 2008     www.wildsidenews.com 

Big Deal in Big Sky Country (shhhhhsh!)

 Note: The photographic montage above is for representational purposes and does not refer to any actual reality.

This is a story about Mark Rey, (photo at left) the Undersecretary of Agriculture, and administrator of the nation's National Forests. And it is a story about residents of Montana, who were shocked to find out that Mr. Rey has been secretly meeting with Plum Creek, the nation's largest landholder, to provide accommodation through re-interpreting existing easements that clear the way for massive developments in the wilds of Montana, traditionally considered lands reserved for timber.

Today we talk with Joe Brenneman, Flathead County Commissioner who attended a recent public meeting held in Missoula, Montana, to find out from Mr. Rey, what exactly was being secretly negotiated.

The answer may, in truth, not be at all surprising.