Another View of Wilderness. George Nickas: Executive Director, Wilderness Watch. (In 2 parts).  As the legislative session ends prior to the Fall elections, a number of Wilderness Bills may be introduced. But a recent declaration by 80 environmental groups is rallying to put these new designations on hold. What's behind the debate. We find out in the in-depth interview that presents another side to the future of wilderness.

Sundance Channel Green. Laura Michalchyshyn, Executive VP, Programming and Marketing. The Sundance Channel. 

It's coming in early 2007, a regular primetime block of programming about our earth, sustainability, and nature with direction from one of Earth's preeminent friends, Robert Redford. 

Ivan Levin of the American Hiking Society, talks about the 2006  National Trails Day events. Come on along.

SouthWings. Taylor Barnhill Executive Director, talks about the volunteer group of private pilots who donate their spirit and do the right thing by taking scientists, politicos, media and activists of all stripes into the air for a bird's-eye view of the massive disturbances being wrought by various industries.

Presidio School of Management. Ron Nahser, Provost, talks about their recent graduation,  Robert Kennedy, Jr.'s commencement address, and holding to doing the right thing in the noble calling of business.

Top 10 Endangered Rivers.  Melissa Samet, Senior Director of Water Resources. Ameican


Jack Sterne: believes that a very important key to the future of our oceans is helping to identify and support "Ocean Champions."

Fossil Fools Day. Billy Parrish, Say what you will about whether Americans are beginning to wake up about the need to change our ways, campuses are a world of their own, and it's a promising sense of awareness that is uniting their actions around the country. 

Maui Nui Botanical Gardens. Tina Barnes Maui, Hawaii. Tina, who volunteers at the Gardens, talks about their EarthDay 2006 celebrations, about the gardens, and some of the challenges that are facing the Island Paradise of Hawai.   (2006 EarthDay Show)

Presidio School of Management. 

Dr. Ron Nahser, Provost. Its' a whole new world. With the hottest topic on planet earth being its future, it's critical to have the skills to create the strategies, businesses and foundations that will lay the groundwork for the future. Having an MBA in Sustainability offers unlimited possibilities.  

Environmental Protection Agency? 

John Walke, Clean Air Director. NRDC (Natural Resources Defense Council.) What's happening at the EPA these days seems to be just business as usual, as secret agendas give away the long-fought for policies that were created to protect us.  What does EPA stand for these days?

Winter Hiking with Seth Levy of American Hiking Society

Kuala Lampur. Lawrence Myers, International School of Kuala Lumpur. Lawrence talks about what students are doing for EarthDay 2006, and about Malaysia, and its diverse lands. 

India. Deepak Gau, Mediavision Infotainment Co., Gurgaon, India. Deepak has been instrumental in planning an EarthDay 2006 event that is expected to attract thousands. Hear about his hopes for this new celebration in India.  (part 3 of our 2006 EarthDay Show)

The International Ecotourism Society:  Martha Honey / Executive Director.  EcoTourism is the fastest growing segment of the tourism industry. Find our why, and find out how.
Community Forklift: Jim Schulman / President and Executive Director. Following Katrina, salvaging used (damaged) building materials for sale at vastly reduced prices can put people to work salvaging and selling, and reduce the impact on resources around the world.
A Call to ACTION: Blake Olson, Rainforest Action Network talks about the "GREEN RIBBON CAMPAIGN" to save America's old growth forests. 
Sierra Club Summit (part 1): Greg Casini , Board member of the Sierra Club, talks about this historic event held in San Francisco. 
Sierra Club Summit (part 2): Greg Casini , Board member of the Sierra Club, talks about this historic event held in San Francisco. 
The Great Ape Trust: Dr. Duane Rumbaugh talks about his lifelong research into our closest animal relatives.
Halls of Wonder:  Host Sidney Wildesmith takes a tour of the San Diego Natural History Museum. 
National Energy Bill:  Jeff Rickert of the Apollo Alliance 
Monkey Trails - Forest Tales:  Kimberly Livingstone, San Diego Zoo 
America's New Energy Bill: Jim DePeso, Republicans for Environmental Protection (REP)
National Trails Day 2005: Hear about this year's events from organizes with the American Hiking Society, NYC Parks, and REI
FLORESTA: with Scott Sabin, Executive Director and Joy Berry, Director of Development
The Apollo Alliance: Bracken Hendricks and leaders from unions, American Indian Dribes, high tech firms, inner-city youth organizations talk about Appollo's significance
Rare & Pride Campaigns: Paul Butler, Meghan Hill, Morne Farmer
The Regeneration Project: Churches and the Environment with Episcopal Minister Sally Bingham

"Is Environmentalism Dead?

 9 environmental leaders weigh in.

Ocean Alliance:  Roger Payne
Oceana Ted Danson
LIGHTHAWK: Marlow Schmauder / Associate Director
Energy Star Program: with Mark Clevey

Scripps Institution of Oceanography in a world of change: Kevin Hardy: Sr. Engineer  

National Trails Symposium (3 parts)
Pale Male settlement! David Miller/NY Audubon
Opening the Book of Nature: Nature and Spirituality
Search and Rescue Dogs  Sam Heigh / High Country K9's
The Clearwater: America's Environmental Flagship
American Chestnut Foundation
Americans for Wilderness: Doug Scott 
Forest Stewardship Council (FSC)
National Trail Associations
Rainforest Action Network
Walden Woods Project
Wildlife University...Online