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We Can Change the World: Lester Brown, Director of the Earth Policy Institute, has a plan that can change the world. It's called "Plan B 2.0."

We talk with Janet Larsen Director of Research Earth Policy Institute about the significance of this dramatic strategy to face our future.

Sundance Channel Green. Laura Michalchyshyn, Executive VP, Programming and Marketing. The Sundance Channel. 

It's coming in early 2007, a regular primetime block of programming about our earth, sustainability, and nature with direction from one of Earth's preeminent friends, Robert Redford. 

Get the scoop on this great mainstream media advance. 

Robert Kennedy, Jr. provides a most compelling talk about nature, people and power. His talk is 38 minutes long, and packed with great wisdom. 

  "Campaign for America's Future" conference. We hear from actor and activist Robert Redford about his commitment and vision of hope for our future, and Leo Gerard, President of the United Steel Workers Union, about the union's long-standing commitment to doing the right thing, for themselves, for their communities, for the earth and the future.

Surfrider Foundation. Jim Moriarty, Executive Director.  We talk with Jim Moriarty about Surfrider, and the waves and beaches he plans to serve.

Being Caribou Karsten Heuer and his wife Leanne set off on a 5-month, 1000-mile journey to walk in the footprints of the Porcupine Caribou herd, from Canada to the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge and back.     Available as PodCast

The Farley Mowat Takes Direct Action with Captain Paul Watson of the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society
EarthDay 2005
A Love Affair with Life: Lisa Harrow and Roger Payne

"Is Environmentalism Dead?

 9 environmental leaders weigh in.

Terry Tempest Williams: "The Open Space of Democracy" 
Dr. Paul Ehrlich: "One With Nineveh" Part 1
Dr. Paul Ehrlich: "One With Nineveh" Part 2
Election 2004 Paul Ehrlich, Chip Ward & Dan Figer
Ted Danson   Oceana 

Charles (A secret Legend in the world of art. . . original thinking is alive and well . . . . .)

Walden at 150: Scot Miller
Plant Portraits by A.R. Valentien
Jane Goodall: Address to Children of the World
Henry David Thoreau: Walden Woods Project
Harry S Truman National Historic Site
Dr. Michael Suk: White House Scholar
Chip Ward: "Hopes Horizon"
Dave Ball: Canine Companions
Denis Hayes: The hope of the future
Marshal Case: American Chestnut Foundation
Mary Margaret Sloan: Natl. Trails Day
Bennett Abrams: The Man Who Sculpts Trees
David M. Johns: The Wildlands Project
 Kathleen Rogers: Earth Day 2004
Cole Frates: the Hydrogen Car Company
Yellowstone Inn at 100