Greatest Shows   

Robert Kennedy Jr.

provides a most compelling talk about nature, people and power. His talk is 38 minutes long, and packed with great wisdom.

He delivered this speech to the 2006 graduating class of the Presidio School of Management in San Francisco.

Robert Kennedy, Jr. provides a most compelling talk about nature, people and power. His talk is 38 minutes long, and packed with great wisdom. 



Another View of Wilderness. George Nickas: Executive Director, Wilderness Watch. (In 2 parts).  As the legislative session ends prior to the Fall elections, a number of Wilderness Bills may be introduced. But a recent declaration by 80 environmental groups is rallying to put these new designations on hold. What's behind the debate. We find out in the in-depth interview that presents another side to the future of wilderness.


When Rattlesnakes Bite. Dr. Sean Bush

Staff Emergency Physician / Menlo Park, California. The truth is, we have to be aware of rattle snakes. Here is what you need to know when you see one, and what to do if ever you should be bitten.

Ann(e) Smith. As the price of gasoline hits the homeland, we hear from Ann(e) Smiths from across America, and how they are dealing with these changes as mothers, workers, retirees and citizens.

Being Caribou Karsten Heuer and his wife Leanne set off on a 5-month, 1000-mile journey to walk in the footprints of the Porcupine Caribou herd, from Canada to the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge and back.     Available as PodCast

The Farley Mowat Takes Direct Action with Captain Paul Watson of the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society

The National Petroleum Reserve - Alaska with John Schoen: Senior Scientist: Alaska Audubon

Katrina Update: Daryl Malek-Wiley gives us a 2-part overview of this legendary Gulf Coast storm. 
The Great Ape Trust: Dr. Duane Rumbaugh talks about his lifelong research into our closest animal relatives.
The Singing Life of Birds: Donald Kroodsma
A Sampler of National Park Interpreters: Some of the best from around the Nation's Parks. 
The Evolution of our Future: with Elisabet Sahtouris (in 3 parts) 
Investing in CleanTech /Part1: San Jose, CA
Investing in CleanTech /Part2: San Jose, CA
Confessions of an Economic Hitman / Part1: John Perkins
Confessions of an Economic Hitman / Part2: John Perkins
The Many Voices of Wild Side News
Toklat Wolves: Dr. Gordon C. Haber
FLORESTA: with Scott Sabin, Executive Director and Joy Berry, Director of Development
The Apollo Alliance: Bracken Hendricks and leaders from unions, American Indian Dribes, high tech firms, inner-city youth organizations talk about Appollo's significance

"Is Environmentalism Dead?

 9 environmental leaders weigh in.

Pale Male Nest Destroyed! Lincoln Karim from the street in NYC. . . LIVE!

Charles (original thinking is alive and well . . . . .)

Scripps Institution of Oceanography in a world of change: Kevin Hardy: Sr. Engineer  

"State of the Oceans Report": Dr. Charles Kennel:  Director: Scripps Institution of Oceanography


The Scripps Collection: Dr. Philip Hastings / Curator:  Marine Vertebrates Collection  & Erica Goetze: Graduate Student
Terry Tempest Williams: "The Open Space of Democracy" 
Election 2004 Paul Ehrlich, Chip Ward & Dan Figer
Dr. Paul Ehrlich: "One With Nineveh" Part 1
Dr. Paul Ehrlich: "One With Nineveh" Part 2
Jane Goodall: Address to Children of the World
International Children's Conference on the Environment
Dr. Michael Suk: White House Scholar - Health Benefits of Hiking
Apache. . . A Love Affair   Sidney Wildesmith
Nature and Spirituality: Opening the Book of Nature
MountainVisions - Virtual Hiking
Hydrogen Cars NOW!
Bank of America / RAN (Rainforest Action Network)
Canine Companions: Dave Ball and "Hawk" 
Unearthing T-Rex: Peter Larson
Chip Ward: "Hopes Horizon"
National Trails Day: Mary Margaret Sloan
Frogs: American Museum of Natural History
Wildlife University...Online
West Nile Virus
Koalas: San Diego Zoo
NatureMaker: The Man who sculpts Trees