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We Can Change the World: Lester Brown, Director of the Earth Policy Institute, has a plan that can change the world. It's called "Plan B 2.0."

We talk with Janet Larsen Director of Research Earth Policy Institute about the significance of this dramatic strategy to face our future.



Another View of Wilderness. George Nickas: Executive Director, Wilderness Watch. (In 2 parts).  As the legislative session ends prior to the Fall elections, a number of Wilderness Bills may be introduced. But a recent declaration by 80 environmental groups is rallying to put these new designations on hold. What's behind the debate. We find out in the in-depth interview that presents another side to the future of wilderness.

Car Crunch in Pasadena. 

Mayor Bill Bogaard / City of Pasadena, CA. The theme of "Who Killed the Electric Car" was suddenly being replayed this week, as Nissan Motor Company was about to pick up Pasadena's 11 Hypermini electric cars, and haul them off to be ground up into history. And Pasadena said, "hey, not so fast!" and history is being written as we speak.

Sundance Channel Green. Laura Michalchyshyn, Executive VP, Programming and Marketing. The Sundance Channel. 

It's coming in early 2007, a regular primetime block of programming about our earth, sustainability, and nature with direction from one of Earth's preeminent friends, Robert Redford. 

Doug Scott  talks to us from the clearing on the Mountain.One of America's preeminent wilderness historians and advocates has invited us all to join him for a very personal history of the American Wilderness movement as we all take a walk to the clearing in the mountains.If you want to really understand how the American Wilderness emerged, its early champions, its mission and now its future, this is your chance. 

Join us on the mountain.

Rick Johnson Executive Director

Idaho Conservation League

New alliances have come together to add 300,000 acres to the Idaho  Wilderness. The last wilderness in Idaho was added over 20 years ago. Citizens from diverse interests are finding a new common ground in working together to create wilderness in their states. Idaho is a terrific success story. Rick Johnson tells us why. 

Top 10 Endangered Rivers.  Melissa Samet, Senior Director of Water Resources. Ameican

Sally Ottoson Owner / Vintner

PACIFICStar Winery

Sally talks about her deep family roots in this area, and the natural wilderness ethic that grew from a life in which wilderness values predominated. Now, she is about to see the "Lost Coast"  designated as Wilderness as part of the North Coast Wilderness Heritage Act, thanks to her efforts and an amazing collaboration among citizen activists.

Jack Sterne: believes that a very important key to the future of our oceans is helping to identify and support "Ocean Champions."

Fossil Fools Day. Billy Parrish, Say what you will about whether Americans are beginning to wake up about the need to change our ways, campuses are a world of their own, and it's a promising sense of awareness that is uniting their actions around the country. 

A Call to ACTION: Blake Olson, Rainforest Action Network talks about the "GREEN RIBBON CAMPAIGN" to save America's old growth forests. 
Re-Energize America: Vice Admiral Dennis McGinn
FLORESTA: with Scott Sabin, Executive Director and Joy Berry, Director of Development
The Apollo Alliance: Bracken Hendricks and leaders from unions, American Indian Dribes, high tech firms, inner-city youth organizations talk about Appollo's significance
Rare & Pride Campaigns: Paul Butler, Meghan Hill, Morne Farmer
New American Dream  Diane Wood: Executive Director

"Is Environmentalism Dead?

 9 environmental leaders weigh in.

Environmentalism in the New  Conservative America (3 parts) Sidney Wildesmith
Churches and the Environment: Episcopal Minister Sally Bingham

The Scripps Collection: Dr. Philip Hastings/ Curator:  Marine Vertebrates Collection & Erica Goetze: Graduate Student

The Decade of Discovery Sidney Wildesmith
Oceana Ted Danson  
Investing in Our World Sidney Wildesmith
Nature and Spirituality: Opening the Book of Nature
National Trails Day: Mary Margaret Sloan
Americans for Wilderness: Doug Scott 
Campaign for American Wilderness: Mike Matz
 Earth Day 2004
Forest Stewardship Council (FSC)