November 13, 2007 

The Life and Art

 of Jen Trute

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"All For Baby"

original oil by Jen Trute



 Segment 1

Dr. Charles Kennel

 Sustainability Institute

University of California / San Diego


Ben Lowe

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The Life and Art of Jen Trute


Pushing the power of her art to meet the depth of her passion for life in its many forms, San Diego artist Jen Trute is setting a high standard for transformative art that serves the earth. Following a "big knock upside the head" Jen was compelled to get busy, finally and put on canvas what she knew she needed to say.


We go in-depth with Jen Trute in segments one and two of today's show.


To visit Jen Trute's website go to


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  Segment 2

In-Depth with Jen Trute: Continued



"Invasion" / Original oil by Jen Trute


To visit Jen Trute's website go to




More art by Jen Trute below.


Madonna of the Salton Sea / original oil by Jen Trute                                         Nature & the Mammal / original oil by Jen Trute



Megamall / original oil by Jen Trute


Sunbathe Barbie at Bombay Beach / original oil by Jen Trute



"Scream" / original oil by Jen Trute                                                          Life in the Balance / original oil by Jen Trute