Thursday November 11th, 2004 

A rebroadcast of this important show originally aired on November 4th. 

Environmentalism in the New Conservative America

by Sidney Wildesmith

For many in the environmental community, it is hard to understand how John Kerry could not get his message across. And as a community, many fear the future. Is that what we are left with? Is that our only hope? Today, we challenge some old assumptions, take a look at who we are, and chart a new vision for the future of our living earth.  

Segment One   

 News  . . . then . . .     So Now What?

Listen to the environmental community's reactions to President Bush's reelection, including:

 Environmentalists must not lose momentum or slacken our efforts even for a day in this desperate fight to defend our American land and life from four more years of reckless exploitation by the Bush administration and its corporate directors.  We must all join forces to attract support--politically, financially, and in the media.

Peter Matthiessen, novelist, naturalist & environmental activist


Segment Two 

 The Challenge 

Why is it so difficult to get the American public more concerned about the environment?  The modern-day environmental movement got swept up into the protests against the Vietnam War.  We need to develop a clearer pro-American, pro-democracy message and mission

Segment Three

 The Hope

We need to form our own nature industry that we support just like any other business.  We need to invest in new technologies that will have unlimited value in the future.

 The environmental community needs to communicate through its own media networks and to expand to global networks.

Let the new Bush Administration know that we are here to serve America, that we are here to solve the pressing problems of energy, health, environment, community, family and real American values.  Let's work together for a great America.