Thursday  November 3, 2005   

"Living with Wolves"

with Jim and Jamie Dutcher


The Dutchers lived with the Sawtooth pack of wolves in Idaho for 6 years, becoming "embedded" members of the pack. Over that time, they recorded the lives of the wolves through videography, photography and sound recordings. We talk with them about this extraordinary insight into the mystery and power of wolf society. 

(photograph @ 2005 Jim and Jamie Dutcher)

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 Segment 1

News . . . . then . . . 


Jim and Jamie Dutcher discuss how they became "members" of the Sawtooth pack of wolves.

@ 2005 Jim and Jamie Dutcher


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   Segment 2


We continue our discussion with the Dutchers, focusing on life with the wolves.


@ 2005 Jim and Jamie Dutcher

   Segment 3       

Jim and Jamie Dutcher tell us what they have Learned having lived with wolves for six years. 


@ 2005 Jim and Jamie Dutcher

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