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for Thursday, October 26, 2006 


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 Segment 1

News from the 8th century

by Han Shan

a T'ang poet from China:


"The Path of Han Shan's Place"


from "Encompassing Nature: A Sourcebook. An Anthology"

 by Robert M. Torrance

Counterpoint Publishing


   Segment 2              

A special report on the release of


published by the WWF with 

Global Footprint Network


Steve Goldfinger

Senior Scientist with 


Global Footprint Network 

talks about the perils of over consumption of the earth's resources and the efforts being discussed on the choices the planet's citizens must make to change the trends towards . . . . ?


Segment 3

New Mexico Rancher 

Tweetie Blancett

on being a life-long Republican in the age of oil and gas.

speaks out on what it means to be a life-long Republican in the age of near unfettered powers of the extractive industries. 

Issues of private land rights and conservation ethics, are covered and an appeal to reign in the forces that are running rough shod over the ranchers and land owners of the West.

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