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Want to be a Nature Writer?

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 So you think you can dance?

Watch Snowball the dancing Cockatoo!

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Progress Report 

Donna Buckbee 

on the recovery of Rushford, Minnesota 

from the devastating floods that hit this town one month ago.

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Be(com)ing A Nature 

and Environmental Writer


Wendee Holtcamp

 Professional Nature Writer


Wendee Holtcamp has been writing about nature and the environment for 12 years and has had over 100 articles published in some of the leading magazines including Audubon, Sierra Club Magazine and others. Wendee has written for the Discovery Channel and gone on special assignment for numerous publications.


Today she talks about what's involved in getting your writings ready, and published.


To learn more about Wendee Holtcamp, and especially, about her upcoming Nature Writer's Online Workshop beginning in November, visit her website at www.WendeeHoltcamp.com

Here is a current map showing the worst of the drought areas 

in Southeastern US.





Quote of the day . . . 


"A heaven is under our feet as well as over our heads"

Henry David Thoreau


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