September 9 , 2008 

Creationism Gone Wild

Visions of a Sarah Palin Presidency

With less than 60 days until America decides who will guide our destiny into the uncertainties of a globalizing interconnected world, Sarah Palin now must be considered seriously as that person. Who is she? What do people know about her? What do her decisions as Governor of Alaska tell us about how she sees nature, the environment and life on earth?

The show is in two parts. It is a very significant in-depth survey of Sarah Palin's vision for America.

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Photo is an editorial composite artistic rendering and does not intend to imply that Sarah Palin is holding the wolf.

Segment 1

Surveying the World through Sarah Palin's Eyes

with Kate Troll Executive Director

We talk with Kate Troll, Executive Director of the Alaska Conservation Alliance, who has direct experience promoting the values that environmental advocates share.

Segment 2

Part 2: Palintology 2008

The study of Sarah Palin

continues with Kate Troll . . .