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As the screaching to "DRILL, DRILL DRILL!!!" by the oil rich Congress men and women continues there's no better time than now to remember what it really means.Those who champion personal responsibility need to practice what they preach and acknowledge there is a heavy price people in the west are already paying as our current levels of "drill, drill, drill" wreak havoc on the lives and values of some of America's finest folks. Get ready. If this mantra works, and it seems to be, just say "goodbye" to people's rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. (This is a rebroadcast of this historic show from 2006)

N.I.M.B.Y.: NOTW In My Back Yard!

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Tweeti and Linn Blancett

 Segment 1

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Tweeti Blancett and her husband Linn have been ranching in New Mexico for over 30 years. 

But not any longer.

The world's largest oil and gas companies have taken over the grazing lands that have been part of their family legacy for 6 generations. 

   Segment 2

We are losing more than just another ranch, we are losing our way of life.

    Segment 3


Below is a map of just a portion of the distributed gas fields in the Aztec, NM area. Click on image to enlarge

Organizations working with Tweeti and Linn Blancett



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