August 5, 2004

"In Praise of Genius Past"

Part 1

News . . . then . . . 

The Colorado Yurt Company

with Dan Kigar

CLICK HERE to find a Yurt in a State Park near you.

The Colorado Yurt  Company has developed a full spectrum of yurts. Offering an environmental friendly footprint, the Yurt is an amazingly functional and economical way to add comfortable living spaces in a variety of places.  It's a great new interpretation of a  traditional form. 


Part 2

  The California Legacy of A.R. Valentien

Plant Portraits by A. R. Valentien on display at the San Diego Natural History Museum with 

  Margaret Dykens, Curator. Nearly 100 years ago, A.R. Valentien settled in San Diego and began painting the wildflowers of California. In all, 1500 species were illustrated. They are some of the finest flower illustrations ever done and were intended to be published. But that promise was never kept. Until now. Learn about the artist, the collection and the traveling exhibit that will be touring the country.

Part 3

Walden at 150 with Scot Miller: Photographer

  August 9th marks the 150th anniversary of the publishing of Henry David Thoreau's "Walden," one of the most significant books ever written. Scot Miller is a photographer who has captured a series of photographs of the current "Walden Pond". Houghton Mifflin has partnered with the Walden Woods Project to publish this 150th anniversary edition of "Walden" and asked Scot Miller to enhance this beautiful commemorative classic. Find out why the book is selling for only $28.12!   We will talk with Scot about the project, about Walden Pond, and his tribute to a master of wonder, Henry David Thoreau.  

Sun to Moon Gallery / CArrolton, TX