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1st Earth Alert!

1966 2006

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 Segment 1

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Earth Alert! 

Earth in Major Crisis!

Will We Wait Too Long?


Sidney Wildesmith


This is the first Official Earth Alert 

which warns you of the immediate dangers facing life on earth, and tells you what you must do to protect yourself, your family and the larger community.

   Segment 2

Oceans in Crisis

The Rise of Slime


Dr. Jeremy Jackson

Scripps Institution of Oceanography


A multitude of factors are creating a dramatic change in the very nature of ocean life. With the demise of large fish species, and the addition of nutrients from fertilizer and other sources, vast stretches of ocean shoreline are filling with ever more frequent dead zones, where slime concoctions of algae and bacteria thrive.  Some look at this as the devolution of life on earth.


Link to Los Angeles Times Series on the Oceans

  Segment 3


Valle Vidal: Keep it Wild

Bill Schudlich,


  - New Mexico Chapter -

Here we go again, in the unending battle between the will of the people and the drill of the oil well. It's happening in a pristine stretch of New Mexico wilderness that is under scrutiny for potential natural gas development. Despite the overwhelming support by citizens, the decisions about the future of Valle Vidal may be in the hands of the Federal government.