July 29th       Nature and Spirituality 

Within the "environmental movement" there is a sense that somehow, the churches seem to have abandoned those who work to honor and preserve what the faith-based community would call "the creation." The issues surrounding ecology, sustainability, endangered species, which many in the environmental community feel would naturally grow from a love of Godís creation, are somehow politicized into alliances with politics which seem antithetical to honoring and preserving Godís creation.

However, some within the faith-based communities are working from within to reconnect their members and churches with what they feel to be the historic teachings of Christian and Jewish traditions which dramatically speak to the divine relationship between humans and the paradise provided.

Fred Krueger, Director of Opening the Book of Nature, is getting people literally in touch with the wilderness and nature to open or reopen the natural flows of spiritual communion that the early churches, sages and saints accepted as an important dynamic of the spiritual life.

In our world, most people who are naturally drawn to the wild speak in various ways of this connection, some more personally than others.

This show will present people who speak openly and honestly about their unique experiences as they willfully set out to explore this connection. The results. . . .

Hear the stories of the mysteries of the quest for communion on the Wild Side News.

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Opening the Book of Nature

For years, a group of people have been exploring the relationship of nature and the spiritual, that is, its relationship to God, or Divinity or Spirit. Working in small groups in the wilderness and wild places, they have been exploring means to express the spiritual nature of communion with nature. It is now referred to as "Opening the Book of Nature". Working within the faith-based communities, churches and synagogues, they are clearing the way for people of all faiths to re-embrace this sacred experience. We talk with Fred Krueger who has directed the process of exploration, and two people who have actively participated over the years.


Fred Kruger - Director: Opening the Book of Nature ~ California   

Allen Johnson: Director of Pocahontas County Libraries, ~ West Virginia

Jim Davidson: CEO / Entrepreneur ~ Minnesota 

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Experiencing the Divine in Nature

Fred Krueger,  Dr. Robin Gottfried and Dr. Bob Marshall explore the ancient writings and proclamations of the early Judaic, Christian and other religious traditions which celebrated and encouraged a profound love and connection with nature, the earth and the wilderness. And they discuss the nature of this sacred connection.

Dr. Robin Gottfried: Professor of Economics - Sewanee University of the South ~ Tennessee

 Dr. Bob Marshal: Veterinarian ~ West Virginia

Fred Kruger - Director: Opening the Book of Nature ~ California

Click here to download Dr. Gottfried's book (pdf):

"Economics, Ecology, and the Roots of Western Faith: Perspectives from the Garden"

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Practical Applications Appalachian Voices

Dr. Matt Wasson, Allen Johnson, Dr. Bob Marshall and Dr. Robin Gottfried share their personal insights about "Opening the Book of Nature" in an Appalachian immersion. They have helped facilitate numerous individuals in this gentle process which consistently helps people of all faiths, find and experience the sense of the divine in a way which has profound and lasting effects, and they share the process which is simple and based on years of actual fieldwork.

Dr. Matt Wasson: Conservation Director - "Appalachian Voices" ~ North Carolina

Allen Johnson: Director of Pocahontas County Libraries, ~ West Virginia

 Dr. Bob Marshal: Veterinarian ~ West Virginia

Dr. Robin Gottfried: Professor of Economics - Sewanee University of the South ~ Tennessee