Thursday, July 20, 2006 

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How Do Animals Cope? 

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 Segment 1

News. . . . then . . 

Martin Eberhard CEO, Tesla Motors


  Tesla Motors  unveils a significant advance in the electric vehicle with its high-performance roadster that has a range of 250 miles and accelerates from 0-60 in 4 seconds!



The development portends the development of very functional electric cars in the very near future. 


   Segment 2

Heat and the threats to Pets.

What you should know.

Stephanie Shain

Director of Outreach

Companion Animals

The heat isn't selective about who and what it affects, and it can pose serious threats to our pets. Learn what you need to know to keep your best friends safe and comfortable. Remember, this kind of heat can lead to suffering and death. Very important things to know.



  Segment 3

Urban Wildlife . . .

How are they surviving the heat?

Laura Simon

Field Director

Urban Wildlife Program


All across America, the wild creatures who share our urban spaces are having to deal with the extreme heat. How do they fare? Are there things we should do? We talk with someone who helps the wild creatures in our urban settings. Some really important information here that may surprise you.