Radio Show   June 17, 2008 

The Emotional Lives of Animals

In-Depth with Dr. Marc Bekoff

Professor Emeritus of Biology

University of Colorado-Boulder

Co-Founder with Jane Goodall of

Ethologists for the Ethical Treatment of Animals

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Segment 1

Dr. Marc Bekoff is one of the world's most respected ethologists. For over 30 years he has been researching the complex nature of animal intelligence and emotions. In this in-depth interview we begin by taking a look at how the debate over anthropomorphism has shaped our view of creatures large and small.   




   Segment 2     

Our conversation with Marc Bekoff continues 

as we explore some of the unique ways in which animals are perceived to express a variety of emotional responses including happiness, grief, awe, embarrassment.

  Segment 3

We conclude our conversation with Dr. Bekoff

as we discuss what the world could be like if and when human societies acknowledge that animals are far more conscious of their world than we have given them credit for.




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