Thursday,  April 26, 2007  

WE Won!

Image from the Hubbell Space Telescope of the birth of a star system. Things are bursting out all over.

Now Let's Enjoy Spring!

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 Segment 1

. . . . then . . . 

Announcing the Launch of the 



Beginning next week, the May 3rd Wild Side News will see the addition of an exciting new feature. The Weekly Earth Summit will feature a brief commentary by each of its regular panelists, We are proud to announce the launch of this historic media event that will quickly become "the most important 10 minutes on Earth."


Regular Weekly Earth Summit

 participants include:


Dr. Mark Bekoff

Dave Foreman

Dr. Charles Kennel

Dr. Thomas Lovejoy

Dr. Robin D. Moore

Dr. Matthew Sleeth


Rotating University Student representatives: 

Emma Sleeth

Ben Lowe


And some as yet to be announced additional voices.


  Segment 2

Celebrating Spring's Arrival in State Parks Across the Country



Ulm Pishkun State Park

Richard Hopkins

Park Manager



Itasca State Park

Connie Cox



North Dakota

Icelandic State Park

Dennis Clark

Park Ranger

  Segment 3

Our Spring Celebration of State Parks continues . . . . 



Bayou Segnette State Park

Denise McKinney



South Carolina

Mountain Bridge Wilderness Area

Tim Lee

Park Ranger