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EarthDay 2008

A special in-depth look at the 38th Earth Day Celebration.


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Segment 1

Earth Day 2008

as discussed by Mr. Gomez's 1st and 2nd grade class at Capri Elementary School in Encinitas, California

followed by

10 Most Important Things for Good Nature Parenting

1. Teach a respect and love of nature

2. Promote a sense of wonder

3. Show compassion for all living things

4. Treat all animals as intelligent and sensitive beings

5. Spend time in nature with no particular mission.

6. Teach intelligent use of nature

7. Encourage expression of their findings and discoveries

8. Avoid the "yucky" reaction

9. Allow kids to get hurt as part of their learning

10. Spend time in nature where nature dominates


Now go on out and have a good time.



 Segment 2  Segment 3

Peter M. Wege Lecture

Dalai Lama/Sustainability

The Dalai Lama presents a major EarthDay address on sustainability.

This historic address is presented in its entirity in two segments.

During the first segment the Dalai Lama speaks on the topic of sustainability.

In the second segment, he takes questions from the audience.

The event was held at Crisler Arena at the University of Michigan Ann Arbor April 20, 2008


Sponsors: Jewel Heart | Garrison Institute | Tibet Fund