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The Toklat Wolves Revisited

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Members of the Savage Group in hunting behavior.

All photos copyright Gordon Haber

Segment 1

In-Depth with Dr. Gordon Haber

Independent Research Biologist

The Toklat Wolves Revisited

We dedicate this entire Weekly Earth Summit to an update on the Toklat Wolves from one of the world's leading wolf experts who has spent 41 years in the fields, mountains and skies tracking the movements, behaviors, families and fate of one of the longest continuously studied wild animal families. In segment one, Dr. Haber discusses the unique character of the wolf which has allowed it to adapt to the natural changes that wild creatures must endure.


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 Segment 2

Weekly Earth Summit continues

with Dr. Gordon Haber

Dr. Haber now focuses in on the fate of the Toklat Wolves which have been brought to the edge by senseless policies endorsed by Alaskan State Authorities. A wholesale open season on wolves is underway in much of Alaska. Dr. Haber informs us what is happening and what needs to be done.

To learn more about Dr. Gordon Haber's research visit his web site and blog at www.alaskawolves.org

All photos copyright Gordon Haber

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