March 25 , 2008 

Tying It All Together

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Segment 1

Listening to Who?

Carl Pope / David Dunn

The Residents of Who Pond

Do you have something to share on the 

Weekly Earth Summit?


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If you have a commentary, observation, event  or concern related to nature or the environment, email me at

Please include your name / phone number / and email.

I'll call you to talk about setting up a time to record you over the phone. It's just that easy. We try to limit each speaker to no more than 3 minutes. I do a soft edit to remove blunders and misspeaks, so don't be shy. 

You'll sound terrific.

The Weekly Earth Summit is here for you!

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 Segment 2

Tying It All Together

The South Coast Missing Linkages Project

Lynn Sadler Executive Director

Mountain Lion Foundation

A major project to link together the natural places, agencies, people and interests of Southern California has just been unveiled.

It is a model for preserving and restoring the diversity of the natural world and the hope of a compromise for the coexistence of the human and natural world.

A great model for a better world.

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