Thursday,  March 22, 2007  

Skywalk  &

A Lesson in Survival



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 Segment 1

Knut the Polar Bear cub.        Berlin Zoo via AP

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with Sheri Yellowhawk


Grand Canyon Resort Corporation

 Segment 2

A Lesson in Survival

Howard Paul


Colorado Search and Rescue


    This week, 12 year old Michael Auberry wandered away from his family and friends in a National Park in North Carolina, and he was gone.

For 4 days Park Rangers and Search and Rescue teams scoured the hills and woods. It's a painful time for everyone.

    Getting lost happens to more good people than we sometimes want to admit. And that means it can happen to you. 

    What do you need to do to give your self the survival edge in such a situation? What leads to getting lost, and what can you do to prevent it?



  Segment 3

Lesson in Survival, continued


In Part 2, Howard Paul talks about how you can help yourself survive and what you can do to help those looking for you find you. This is information you must know. It could save your life.

Misha Marshall  and her Search and Rescue dog Gandalf found missing Boy Scout Michael Auberry, 12.


Michael Auberry, lost for 4 days in North Carolina.